Vice President and Head of Final Aircraft Assembly Center



World's second largest aerospace and defense company


Our client was opening a brand new $600 million completions center and final assembly line. This was a significant undertaking for the organization and their first major manufacturing facility in the United States. A successful start up and rapid ramp up were essential for the continued success of the global parent organization. 

Our mandate was to find a strong leader capable of overseeing a facility and an operation of this complexity, size and scope. This person had to be able to make quick but informed decisions to facilitate a rapid growth of staff and output on a very tightly engineered timeline. Moreover, this was to be one of the largest employers in the state, so our candidate needed to be a capable spokesperson for the company in the local community. At the same time, we needed a candidate who could thrive as a leader in a European-based global organization.

Our initial research and recruiting strategy included both direct competitors as well as best-in-class companies across the industry.   


Our placement was a well-rounded aerospace executive who had overseen the assembly of aircraft and acted as General Manager for large manufacturing operations. As a GM he had managed multiple facilitates and more than 400 employees. He had also held roles leading assembly operations, including one role where he was responsible for setting up all major sub-assembly and final assembly sites for his organization. Our placement was born in Europe and educated in the United States.

The facility opened to much fanfare and greater success. It continues to grow and open the company to new markets.


Client Summary




  • Large-scale final assembly leadership experience

  • Significant experience leading a large production ramp up

  • Global perspective

  • Ability and desire to become a community leader


  • Aerospace industry is a core area of Marymont’s expertise

  • Wealth of experience in General Management assignments in the manufacturing space

  • Work with and known to management at OEMs and Tier 1 organizations

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