Multiple Senior Hires - $10 Billion IPO



A Tier 1 Defense company was spinning out a $10 billion division


Our client was spinning out one of its five divisions, a $10 billion entity. This new company was going public and thus needed a full complement of public-facing corporate staff, all within a tight time frame. Having been part of a larger corporate entity, there was no staff in house with experience in public-facing positions. 

We were retained to recruit the General Counsel, Corporate Controller and Assistant Controller along with the heads of Investor Relations, Tax, and Financial Reporting and Analysis. In addition to being extremely competent in their respective fields, each of these roles needed to be filled with someone who understood the regulatory challenges facing a defense company before, during and after its IPO. 

Timing was paramount as certain key roles needed to be filled with time to spare before the IPO. Others had to be ready to start just days after IPO but couldn’t be officially hired ahead of time.

An additional challenge was convincing people who were already in public companies to move to a new company prior to its spin, as this added a certain amount of risk to their job change.


Our candidates all came from public defense companies, so they were ready to lead their respective departments on day one. We were able to hit our deadlines for each role, despite conducting all searches simultaneously. Moreover, all six of these hires were still with the company three years post-IPO. Even in hindsight, all were successful fits within the organization.


Client Summary




  • Public company experience

  • Leaders in their fields

  • Aerospace and Defense Industry expertise

  • Ability to lead a function and to build out a team


  • Deep knowledge of senior players in the Aerospace and Defense markets

  • Bench strength in understanding financial markets and roles

  • Nimble organization that can scale up to meet concurrent searches within tight deadlines

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