Public Company CFO



A Tier-1 Defense Services company seeking a Chief Financial Officer for their IPO 


Our client, a $1.8 billion company, was being spun out of a larger corporate parent and needed a new Chief Financial Officer. It was essential that this hire already be a sitting public CFO in the defense services industry. The placement needed strong financial acumen, but also the gravitas and charisma to successfully communicate with the CEO and the Board of Directors as well as the investment community.

An essential part of this role, as the company prepared for its IPO, was to articulate the organization’s strategy by giving presentations and going on road shows. It was the new CFO’s duty to introduce this new company to the investment community.

Timing was critical, as the company needed the new CFO’s expertise as far in advance of the IPO date as possible.

A major challenge of this role was convincing a sitting public CFO to move to a pre-IPO organization.


Our placement came from a defense services background and had multiple years of experience as a sitting public CFO. He was well known and well respected in the industry, immediately giving credence to NewCo’s market strategy. He was in place months before the IPO and was able to make an immediate impact at the organization.

The IPO was well received by the investment community, who helped NewCo to a strong launch. Post-IPO, our placement built a strong finance function and was seen as a strong manager and champion of his team.


Client Summary


Defense Services


  • Public Company CFO experience

  • Defense Services expertise

  • Familiar face to the defense investment community


  • Marymont is well known by the CFOs within the Fortune 500 defense space

  • We capitalized on our market familiarity to build a solid short list very quickly

  • Our strong ties to the defense investment community ensured that we found a well-regarded group of finalists

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